You don’t have a guilty pleasure?
Ugh, as if!

This February we’re celebrating the films we wouldn’t usually admit to loving with a special screening of the 90’s classic Clueless.

Join us for like, a dip into Feref’s past to totally shine a light on some of cinemas most popular unpopular works of embarrassing genius.

The event will begin at 6pm on 22 February at an exclusive Soho location. Places are limited. First come, first served. RSVP OHSO@feref.com


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Feref’s informal OHSO events are devoted to bringing free thinkers together. They’re an invitation to mix with the best and the brightest, to learn from one another and be part of the ideas that are shaping our world.

Covering diverse topics from communications to culture to corporate responsibility, OHSO lives in the heart of London’s Soho, the creative and social capital of the world. Established by Feref, one of Soho’s original creative agencies, our OHSO mission is to meet up and break down barriers to collaboration and creativity.

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