Disney Encanto
& Crown Paints

Disney Encanto & Crown Paints

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The Challenge

Showcase and raise brand awareness of Crown Paints’ Breatheasy® range through the heart-warming Disney Animation – Encanto.

Creative Strategy

We crafted the partnership messaging and creative treatment to unite the two…

Encanto tells the tale of an extraordinary family who live in a magical house. Each family member (except one) has been blessed with a unique gift and has their own, individual personality which is reflected by their fantastical bedrooms. Crown Paints also have magical powers – the ability to transform a room, change a mood and represent a family’s personality.

Colour can instantly transform a space, as if by magic.

Disney Encanto Messaging

The joint aim was to enable and inspire people to express themselves and get creative, transforming their spaces with the magic of colour. So, Crown created a range of Encanto-inspired stencils and colour pallets that were the focus of the shoot – two rooms were transformed with the select paint, bespoke murals and character-relevant accessories.

Our AV piece brings the shoot content to life with wondrous Encanto footage and adds a touch of magic with playful stop-frame animation.

Bedroom Leaves Toucans
Bedroom Details
Bedroom Flowers Butterflies