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Sky Comedy

Sky Comedy

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The challenge:

Sky TV were launching a brand-new channel, packed full of the best comedy America had to offer. To help raise awareness, they needed a stand-out social campaign that pointed their UK audiences in the right direction while giving them a taste of what to expect.

Creative strategy:

The UK is famed for its humour, and rightly so, which puts us in a pretty good position to appreciate funny, wherever it’s from. So, we employed a bit of reverse psychology, taking to the wet January streets to ask the opinion of the British public to see if they found US comedy funny. The (scripted) results were less than flattering, with our “interviewees” ridiculing everything that made American comedy humourless. We then quickly cut to a clip from one of Sky Comedy’s line-up to prove us Brits wrong. This fun, self-deprecating approach allowed us to celebrate our shared sense of humour while engaging comedy fans with the best comedy from across the pond.

Sky Comedy - Accent Ident
Sky Comedy - Perfect Ident
Sky Comedy - Childish Ident
Sky Comedy - Comedians Ident
Sky Comedy - Family Ident
Sky Comedy - Loud Ident

The Results

The videos went out across Sky’s owned channels, causing some healthy debate on social media and contributing to a successful launch for the broadcasters newest station.