Spirit: Riding Free

Spirit: Riding Free

Spirit: Riding Free

  • Strategy
  • Creative
  • Production (Shoot)
  • Audio Visual
  • Social

The challenge

The Dreamworks team at Universal needed an international campaign that engaged girls aged 6-11 with the Spirit brand, to launch the consumer product ranges whilst sustaining awareness of the TV series.

Creative strategy

Inspired by the adventures of the three besties and their horses, we decided to steer away from the stereotypical toy ad and celebrate girls with a free spirit. After all, going outside and getting messy isn’t just for boys!


Feref created a campaign for Europe that focuses on the core themes of fun, adventure, friendship and laughter. Our hero 60” lifestyle AV spot features girls playing free and encourages our audience to live, and play, adventurously.


Due to the overwhelming success of our lifestyle spot, the decision was made to run the campaign globally, helping bring the TV show and consumer products to a much wider audience of adventurers.