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The Challenge

Make wool exciting for kids and parents, with a global Partnership Campaign involving The Woolmark Company, Aardman Animations and StudioCanal.

The campaign had to both educate the next generation of consumers on Merino wool’s natural benefits and celebrate the release of A Shaun the Sheep Movie: Farmageddon.

Creative strategy

Bringing together the world’s most famous sheep with The Woolmark Company helped create an emotional bond with wool. But, before using the characters and comedy to encourage people to choose the benefits of wool as a natural product, we needed an overarching thought that knitted the very different brands together; aside from the obvious: wool comes from sheep. After extensive research, we discovered some woolly exciting links.

In A Shaun the Sheep Movie: Farmageddon, Shaun makes a new friend, LU-LA – an alien possessing strange powers who crash-lands near Shaun and the flock’s home farm. With the film’s sci-fi theme, it was fitting to learn that NASA astronauts and Russian cosmonauts wear woollen garments under their spacesuits. Wool's natural qualities: highly breathable, odour and fire resistant, make it perfect for outer space. We also herd that wool is biodegradable and sustainable, so named it 'the planet-friendly wonder'.

After unearthing these connections, we immediately knew that Woolmark's messaging would be a snug fit with the film's space theme. And 'Super Natural' soon became the name for the campaign. It encapsulates the movie’s storyline alongside the play on words emphasising the super natural benefits of wool: super soft, super snug, super stretchy etc.

With the vulnerability and inquisitiveness of a new alien, character clueless about planet Earth, Shaun became the ideal Woolmark spokes-sheep to teach LU-LA and our audience about the delights of Merino wool.

With a series of captivating content and exciting activities peppered with fun 'did ewe know?' facts, our campaign engaged and educated little lambs as well as big sheep all over the planet.




We created the ‘Super Natural Wool’ logo, overarching campaign look & feel and Style Guide for each territory.

Short Film

Feref worked alongside Aardman to create a bespoke AV piece that showcases the super natural benefits of wool. The animation sees LU-LA crash land on Mossy Bottom Farm in need of comfort and warmth. She soon discovers the softness and snugness of Shaun’s fleece and travels back to space with an array of comfy wool garments.


We designed and built an interactive hub (desktop, tablet and mobile versions) for children to learn all about wool with Shaun, LU-LA and the flock. This became the main portal, housing the short-animated film and many other campaign elements.

Digital Games

From concept to asset creation, animation to sound design, the games were a huge part of the campaign. The three games, housed on the site, allowed children and adults alike to solve a woolly jigsaw puzzle, shear a sheep and design a spacesuit.

Activity sheets

Kids could download fun activity sheets from the site, each full of facts with an environmental angle communicating the wider messaging around the sustainability of wool.


We localised every single campaign asset campaign for 4 territories: UK, Japan, China and Germany.

Taxi wraps

The Woolmark Company and A Shaun the Sheep Movie: Farmageddon branded taxis could be spotted working around London and driving an array of super excited celebs to and from the out-of-this-world film premiere.

Woolmark Activity Pack

Woolmark Design Guide